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Idk lately. Ive been so confused and overwhelmed by emotions. I over think too much about things. Lately I’ve felt lonely and I think to over come that loneliness I surround myself with my friends who are all great. But im just tires of me being the concerned one about them. Its just annoying but I know im too nice of a person. Also I feel as if I have something but im not gonna risk it. Id rather just let life play out and see where it takes me. Also if nice guys finish last its because they’re trying to find the right person to be with and not some self centered person.

This happened to me the other day haha

This happened to me the other day haha

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The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

I religiously watched 98% of these shows.

These shows were the shit.

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Get Paid

Me and my niggas really tryna stay paid
Me and my niggas we just tryna stay paid
Me and my niggas really tryna stay paid
Just tryna get rich in the next seven days, but

Trapped in the dark hole known as my brain
Pineal gland wide open while I’m switching lanes
Yeah driving on 287, thinking about my safe haven
I meant heaven, god looking down
Thinking what it would look like, but can’t
Even off this Mary J, I can’t help imagine,
Into the mind, blinded by the light and dark
Exposing emotions
Mix em up like potions
Slowly tokin, marijuana smoking
In college so you know im going to do all that
Now Im writing this god-awful crap
While I listen to songs that sound like boom boom bap
Tap into my mind and then you see
What I see and flee from everyday
Making me pay
Lay there blacked out, bout to feel good
Then I pass out, before I lash out
Unless the blunts lit and it’s my turn
Watching as the one girl I love burn
Marijuana opens my third eye
But sometimes it makes me wise
Lets me sees through these lies